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Jon Hooper
Animation Artist

Recent Job history

Storyboard Artist/ Assistant Director
Rough Draft Studios 2009-Present
Performed storyboarding duties on the TV series The Pitts, Sitdown Shutup and Futurama. Boarding was done both traditionally on paper and digitally using Photoshop and Toonboom Storyboard Pro. Currently working on more episodes of Futurama as an Assistant Director which includes more supervisory functions along with the usual boarding duties.

Storyboard Artist/Character Layout Artist
Film Roman Studios 2008
Performed key animation posing duty and Storyboarding on The Simpsons Ride. Was part of a small team that provided most of the planning and preproduction for the ride Pre-show.

Storyboard Artist/ Assistant Director/ Character Layout
Rough Draft Studios 2007-2008
Performed character layout and key animation for the Simpsons Movie. Was promoted to Assistant Sequence Director and was delegated responsibilty to manage quality control and workflow from the layout artists to the director. Also was selected to be part of a fast response storyboarding team that worked closely with the director, sequence directors, editors and producers to create animatics on demand.

Animation/Drawing Instructor
Art Institute of Vancouver 2006
Was responsible for developing and implementing preliminary animation and basic drawing courses for the Art Institute of Vancouver.

CGI Animator
Sony Imageworks-2005
Was responsible for character animation on the movie Polar Express. Duties included massaging together disparate takes from mocap data into a single cohesive performance. Was also responsible for adding facial animation, and doing keyframe animation in areas where mocap data differed from the directors vision.

Job history prior to 2005
Over 20 years experience in TV and Feature Film Animation. Responsible for many tasks including Storyboarding, Animation (CGI and Hand drawn), Character Design, Assistant Animation, Clean-Up, Layout and Compositing, For details see Filmography

Familiar with the following software packages Maya (Animation and Modeling) , Softimage, Photoshop, Toonboom Storybaord Pro, ToonBoom Digipro, Toonboom Harmony, Animo, After Effects, Flash, Apple Motion